About WasteDetector

WasteDetector automatically detects litter and additions in the outdoor area using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology! The system can be easily installed in one or more existing municipal vehicles and will automatically detect the litter and additions in the outdoor area.

This information becomes immediately available to the organization and helps you to planning the removal of the waste.

Some advantages:

  • actual insight into waste locations without human action
  • fast targeted handling possible
  • statistical information and maps available

A cleaner city!

The goal of deploying the WasteDetector solution is a cleaner city. Because additional placements are recognized quickly and accurately without human intervention, cleaning actions can be taken quickly. Thanks to the information that can be determined optimally, the collection process is maximally efficient. Using the data and  photos the best fitting  vehicle can be selected to do the cleaning job. This combination provides enormous savings and ensures a more efficient use of resources. In addition, rapid processing of additional placements prevents the number of additional placements from growing.


Easy installation

When monitoring public space, our small, handy cameras can be easily attached to the inside of a door window with a suction cup. The small WasteDetector  AI processing unit inside the car ensures that all personal data is blurred directly in the car so that only the waste found is visible. In this way, only images of the waste itself – so without personal data or characteristics – are used and the GDPR and AVG are fully complied with.



Automatic Recognition, Processing and Blurring

Additions and waste are recognized fully automatically. So no map or background is needed to indicate the locations! After a drive throug the city, an image is automatically formed of all locations and it is clear where an additional placement has been found and where it has not. Persons, license plates and other personal data are blurred (made unrecognizable) directly in the car. In special situations some  AI training may be needed to get even better results.

Actions on detection

Immediately after detecting unexpected waste, the information is sent to the WasteDetector Backoffice system. Here employees can make the final assessment and start the follow-up as desired.

WasteDetector Backoffice

The collected information including location (street name and/or GPS coordinates) is forwarded to the back office. Statistics are  built up in which street/area how many additions were found. The back office can be accessed via a secure browser login. In the back office, users can retrieve and visualize situations / locations that require a visual check via the Image Review module. The following image gives an impression of the image review. The photo, metadata, a map/street view as well as processing buttons are displayed at the same time. You can easily browse through this.


Impression of the back office application for reviewing additions.

One or more photos from the same location are visible on the screen above. With a slider, the light intensity in the photo can be increased or zoomed in so that you can check whether there is indeed an adjacent placement.

Follow up Process

The optimal follow-up (cleaning) action / process can be easily intiated using the Review module.  During the set-up / configuration or a possible pilot, these actions can be refined or adapted depending on the experience en current process.

Waste map

While driving, the current location and status are made visible on a map. Based on this, the municipality gets a complete picture of where additions have been found and where not. It shows also the actual status of a follow-up action.  

Handling waste events

As soon as the employee selects the Follow-up action, the relevant addition will be visible in a (day) report list/screen. From here, a daily report of all situations and locations can be made – if required, automatically daily.

The employees who have to remove the additions can receive a signal in a number of ways:

  • Via an email with the photos and locations
  • Via a follow-up app that can be activated on any tablet on smartphone.
  • API integration with customer backoffice

WasteDetector in your municipality

Are you interested in this application in your municipality? We are happy to make an appointment for a demonstration or a pilot. For a limited investment you can already start and take advantage of the efficiency benefits!